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written as with a sunbeam.

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones
Subject: Renly Baratheon/Loras Tyrell
Title: written as with a sunbeam
Warnings/Notes: General spoilers for ASOIAF in the description, I guess; and obviously, this will make much more sense if you've read the books/watched the shows/read a bunch of spoilers about either one. This was made as a gift for renrenren3 (hi there, you 8D) over at waywardmixes; I hope you'll like it even though snow and winter were also in your wishlist and I ended up dragging in the sun. *laughs* Not my fault though, it's Loras.

A Song of Ice And Fire is a series of epic fantasy novels about a gazillion of human tragedies in a Medieval-ish setting. At the beginning of the series, Robert Baratheon sits on the Iron Throne, the very uncomfy chair that belongs to the sovereign of Westeros; Renly, a charismatic and handsome lord, is his youngest brother. Ser Loras Tyrell, aka the Knight of Flowers, is Renly's squire and close friend; when things happen and Renly finds himself fighting a war to win the throne, he chooses Loras as head of his personal guard (the Rainbow Guard).

In the books, the true nature of Renly and Loras' relationship is merely hinted at; in the tv show adaptation, however, they are clearly depicted as lovers.

written as with a sunbeam
(when the sun has set, no candle can replace it)


All the colors of the rainbow hidden beneath my skin; hearts have colors, don't we all know? Red runs through our veins. Feel the fire burning up, inspire me with blood of blue and green. I have hope, inside is not a heart but a kaleidoscope..

The Black Keys, YOU'RE THE ONE

When I was thirteen, my mom said "Son, you're the one I adore." Now I'm old and wise, when I see your eyes, you're the one I adore. Will you be true, till life is done? Be the one I adore, oh, you're the one I adore.

I'm from Barcelona, THIS BOY

When I wake up in the morning and I'm feeling alright, when I stumble into bed another Saturday night, all the voices in my head and all the people I meet, they're all trying so hard to make a man out of me, but there's always gonna be this little boy inside of me.

The Naked and Famous, YOUNG BLOOD

We're all young and naive still, we require certain skill. The motive changes like the wind, hard to control when it begins. The bittersweet between my teeth, trying to find the in-between. Fall back in love eventually. Can't help myself but count the flaws, claw my way out through these walls. One temporary escape, feel it start to permeate.
We lie beneath the stars at night, our hands gripping each other tight. You keep my secrets, hope to die; promises, swear them to the sky. As it withers, brittle it shakes. Can you whisper as it crumbles and breaks, as you shiver?


There's times, there's times when I look around, there's times when I look up and down, up and down my street and I'm not very pleased. You complain, you complain behind a twitching blind, writing strong worded letters to The Times --- and you might even post them, if you dared go outside. I can't mind my own business, that's why I've never, never had a trouble. I can't mind my own business, yeah, that's why I've never, never had a trouble with you.
There were times, there were times when I truly believed that everybody was out to get me, I know that's no longer true, 'cause now they're out to get you. And these days, these days there's a kitchen knife at the bottom of every Bag For Life, so keep yourself to yourself, or you'll end up in a canal.

Bat for Lashes, TWO PLANETS

Show me moonlight on the sunrise, I've seen so many planets dancing, I've seen too many people hiding. Show me sunset and I won't forget that I am one of two planets dancing, I am part of two planets dancing. Shallow men, sign your name on my sun; the song of Solomon died in a battleground, the song of Solomon died in love's battleground.
I am far shattered by these sinning times, for all your suffering by night. Life is so much dark and light, day can not exist without a night and you should not separate from me. I have a heart that's full of life to be shared on this night; feel my hands, feel my life for the sun and the stars of my mother and my sisters. I know where the form is changing, I know that the stars will fall on me.


You cool your bedwarm hands down on the broken radiator; when you lay them freezing on me, I mumble can you wake me later but I don't really want you to stop, and you know it, so it doesn't stop you. You run your hands from my neck to my chest.
Crack the shutters open wide, I want to bathe you in the light of day and just watch you as the rays tangle up around your face and body. I could sit here for hours, finding new ways to be awed each minute because the daylight seems to want you, just as much as I want you.
It's been minutes, it's been days, it's been all I will remember. Happy, lost in your hair and the cold side of the pillow; your hills and valleys are mapped by my intrepid fingers, and in a naked slumber I dream all this again.

Stereophonics, DAKOTA

Thinking about thinking of you, summertime think it was June, yeah, I think it was June. Laying back, head on the grass, children grown having some laughs, yeah, having some laughs. You made me feel like the one, made me feel like the one. (The one.) Drinking back, drinking for two, drinking with you, and drinking was new. Sleeping in the back of my car, we never went far, never needed to go far.


There's a wild wind blowing down the corner of my street, every night there the headlights are glowing. There's a cold war coming on the radio, I heard; baby, it's a violent world. Oh love, don't let me go. Won't you take me where the street lights glow? I could hear rain coming, I could hear the sirens sound, now my feet won't touch the ground. Time came a-creeping, oh, and time's a loaded gun; every road is a ray of light, it goes on, time only can lead you on. Still, it's such a beautiful night. Gravity, release me, and don't ever hold me down. Now my feet won't touch the ground.

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