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Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Subject: Leonard McCoy/Jim Kirk, OCs (Fortunate Son)
Title: witness
Warnings/Notes: waywardmixes, round 18: mix for a fic. In this case, the wonderful, amazing-beyond-description Fortunate Son by mardia, which I will never recommend hard enough. The mix contains quotes from the fic, and they might be a bit spoilery. Warnings for the fic include: starvation, imprisonment, and a wordcount of 50k, which I promise, once you've reached the end of it you'll be left wanting more. (see end of the post for more notes)

[ fortunate son ]

When Leonard McCoy is kidnapped and held for ransom, Jim Kirk and the Enterprise crew have no idea that the kidnapping is connected to McCoy's past as a young doctor on Tarsus IV.

In Fortunate Son, Jim Kirk never went to Tarsus IV; it was Leonard McCoy instead who got to meet Governor Kodos and witness his madness. The story follows that dramatic experience through flashbacks, while in the main timeline, McCoy has been kidnapped and is being held prisoner by a woman who seems to be somehow connected to Tarsus. Aboard the Enterprise, Jim is coordinating the investigations, while trying to keep himself grounded through the worry for his Bones.

i. Amandine Bourgeois, L'Enfer Es Moi
I'm gonna give you hell, right where you're loosing yourself. Have a good look in the rear mirror, I'll be the one standing behind you. I'm gonna give you hell, 'till you're out of breath.

I'm going to kill you," Lara says, not backing off as he rises to his feet, and she's lost that detached note in her voice, now she sounds hard, angry, her eyes glinting as she looks at him. "Because when Talen Sorja receives your corpse, he's going to be nothing more than a broken-hearted, bankrupt man—and that is all I want."

ii. Manchester Orchestra, I Can Barely Breathe
When the dark flood came, we wrapped ourselves inside a dirty blanket, citing different opinions on whether we should move. When the houses came, they ate up everyone like they were fishes, saying, "come on, come on, it's the end of the world". [...] So when you see me falling backwards down the wall that says I'm still alive, don't be cautious when I'm cautiously approaching on the other side: everybody has their reasons, that's the reason we're all going to die.

"Okay," Leonard says after a moment where he briefly considers just—not getting up. He could do it, and Zora would absolutely back him up, but he can't. "All right, I'm getting up."

iii. Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Hand Covers Bruise

McCoy wakes up on a hard surface, with a dry mouth and a pounding head. He's already groaning before he even opens his eyes, and he realizes there's something seriously wrong.

iv. The Killers, A Dustland Fairytale
Long brown hair, and foolish eyes: he'd look just like you'd want him to, some kind of slick chrome American prince.

Bones' eyes are blue in the photograph.

v. Right Away, Great Captain!, Love, Come Save Me
Have you ever seen a man so shattered as as the man that you are looking at?
Oh, I just need you, my river, I just need you, my love. You are looking east with the heaviest heart that I can ever recall seeing, time is not the answer that you wanted to hear, but time is what you're going to get.

He kisses Bones goodbye, and tries to remember exactly why he'd decided not to push things just yet. Then he catches the look of relief on Bones' face and remembers again.

vi. A Perfect Circle, Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drum
I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons, I'll be the one to protect you from a will to survive and a voice of reason, I'll be the one to protect you from your enemies and your choices, son. They're one in the same, I must isolate you, isolate and save you from yourself.

"To save the rest," Kodos says. "As governor, it is my duty to protect this colony from any threat—even an internal one posed by its own citizens. I am set upon this course, and the only question left is whether you can see the wisdom of it—" he hears Phil's outraged gasp at that, "—and, as trained doctors and valued members of society, join us in—"

vii. Joe Satriani, Three Sheets To The Wind

And it's good, God, of course it is, it's fantastic—but as Jim tries to reach out and hold on, as he tries to shift the pace, Bones' eyes stay closed, even as he's got a hand bracing himself on Jim's chest, even as he's riding Jim's cock, unsteady little noises torn out of his throat.

viii. Great Lake Swimmers, I Am Part Of A Large Family
What am I supposed to do, take her and take good care of you? We have a lot of work to do, me and you and you and you. Out of the morning and into the storm, brothers and sisters are in my arms. I am part of a large family, and it's enough for me, it's enough, it's enough.

"She is my family," Leonard says quietly, and Zora turns wide eyes to him that he ignores. "Give me the forms and I'll sign them."

ix. Handsome Poets, When Will I See You
I've lost myself this evening, remind me to keep breathing. Now, I've lost my heart. Oh the world stops turning, and the wind stops blowing, but the sun starts shining when you break the silence. And my heart starts glowing, when I think about you. Desire's growing, I can't go without you.

Jim refuses to think that's wrong—he's the Captain, it's his duty to bring back any missing member of his crew—except this isn't just another crew member, this is his CMO, this is Bones, and his judgment is— His judgment's fine. He has to bring Bones back, it would be the same for anyone else in the same situation, and his emotions aren't a problem here. It's his duty to bring Bones back. And if he needs, on a purely personal level, for that to happen, for Bones to be returned to him, safe and sound—then so much the better, as far as Jim and Starfleet regs are concerned.

x. Scissor Sisters, Fire With Fire
I had a dream we were running from some blazing arrows yesterday; you said, "Fight fire with fire, fire with fire, fire with fire through desire". It's cold and heaven surrounds you from every direction, 'cause there's someone behind every hand that you've made a connection. And now we're free to be number one, the morning isn't far away. I had a dream we were holding on, and tomorrow has become today, become today.

McCoy can't help the soft oof of pain, but after a second of being too stunned to move or react, he's hugging Jim back, as hard as he can.

xi. Sufjan Stevens, A Sun Came
Everything you are is everything we have. You're the only good thing. A sun came, burned our faces round, burned our faces red. You are still the rage, a rock from the enemy. There is still a house, a cage for the enemy.

Jim doesn't think he was ever stupid enough to believe that everything would miraculously turn back to normal once they got Bones back.

Phew! So first of all, I hope you enjoyed the mix. I went on a superlong debate with myself, trying to decide whether I should order the songs following the story's narrative, or the chronological sequence of events, but eventually I decided it'd be better to just put them in the order that felt better to the listening ear. Of course I'm no producer but I think the mix sounds kinda good like this.

Secondly, I'm not the first person to mix this story! pearlstar178 did a mix too, in 2010, and I encourage everyone to go download it too because it has a bunch of great, great songs; I tried my best not to let myself be influenced by pearlstar178's choices, while at the same time staying true to the story.

Once again, I seriously recommend that you go and read Fortunate Son, and possibly everything and anything else mardia has ever written, because as you might have sensed from the quotes, she's ridiculously good at every single aspect of writing.

Thanks for stopping by!

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